Curtis Allyn

Curtis started tattooing in 2006, he was hungry for something that could bring some personal fulfillment into his work life. One of his earliest memories was waiting for the big comic section in the Sunday paper every week and he would draw some of his favorite characters. To get best artist click here.

Later in life he had a roommate who attended the San Diego school of art and encouraged him to start painting and drawing again, but it wasn’t until he started to learn to tattoo that he got serious about art.

He loves the idea of challenging people’s conceptions, and telling stories with pictures and there is nothing that does both of those in such a bold permanent way as a tattoo.

When he first started he knew he wouldn’t be the best immediately but he knew that he could always try as hard as the best and that a lot of the process was caring about the person he was tattooing and making them feel comfortable and proud of their decisions. If you want to know about different type of art then check this out.

Curtis has now been tattooing for over 11 years and it makes him want to get out of bed every day.