Wendell Frazier

It was ten miles into the Mexico border, nine bottles of MGD and eight cops later that Wendell realized his dream of holding the Taco Bell dog for ransom wasn’t going to pan out like he had planned. It’s then that Wendell decided to give up the outlaw life and attend Columbia College in Chicago for traditional animation. This would allow him to add additional skillsets to his already strong art skills while also providing a method of securing 7-Layer burritos legally.

The world of tattoo drew Wendell in after graduation when he met an old hermit on a vacation into the Eastern Mountains of Japan. This old hermit took Wendell in under his wing and trained him in the art of ink fu. When his training was complete he headed back to Chicago to leave his mark in the best way he knew how. Wendell is now a sixth degree black belt and still enjoys at least five layers of his burrito, four days a week.