Juan Santiago


I have been piercing professionally since 2010. I completed a year long apprenticeship on the south-side of Chicago and have been doing what I love ever since. I am truly very passionate about body piercing and everything that comes with it. I am certified in Blood Borne Pathogens, First-Aid, and CPR. I attend a piercing conference every year in Las Vegas to renew my BBP Certification.

Along with my BBP certification, I have taken the steps to continue my education as a professional piercer.

I have received education in:
-Head and Neck Anatomy
-Medical Risk Assessment (Basic and Advanced)
-Surface Piercing (Surface Anchors/“Micro-Dermals” and Surface Bars)
-Wound Healing Dynamics
-Basic Steel & Titanium
-Gold and Diamonds
-Preventing Cross Contamination in the Sterilization and Piercing Rooms
-Stretching: Everything more than lobes
-Making effective piercing rituals

I feel very fortunate to have a job that I love and am passionate about. Not everybody can say that they feel like they have not worked in years, because as the saying goes, when you are doing what you love it never feels like work.
I pride myself in the quality I provide my clients and making myself available to my clients at all times with any questions they might have.