Our Shop

Insight Studios

1062 N Milwaukee Ave,

Chicago, IL 60642

Mon-Thursday: 2PM-9PM

Friday: 2PM-10PM

Saturday: 12PM-10PM

Sunday: 12PM-8PM

Please call 773-342-4444 on all major holidays to check hours and availability.

Bob Jones is the only piercer we have that works with children (minimum age of six years old).

Bob pierces on:

Sun: 12pm-8pm

Mon: 2pm-9pm

No appointment is necessary.

When you and your child come in, we require a government issued ID from the parent/legal guardian, as well as copy of the child’s birth certificate and photo ID.

Insight Studios provides jewelry and aftercare. Pricing is based on the jewelry that the client chooses.

Starting today we will no longer be charging for semi colon tattoos. We have teamed up with @hopefortheday and for every #semicolontattoo that comes in we will donate the $60 we charge as our minimum right there to @hopefortheday. If you’d like to donate through their website you can do that as well. Simply bring in the receipt of your donation of $60 OR MORE to us and we’ll get you set up for your semicolon tattoo. YOU MUST BE 18 WITH ID TO GET TATTOOED AT INSIGHT STUDIOS.

Insight Studios’s Recent Tweets

Today is the last day of our monthly benefit featuring @aliverescue !! We are all here taking #walkins #from 12p-8p in #Chicago! All proceeds go to help #aliverescue doing what they do and what they do is #AWESOME!… https://t.co/5I2R0AdKIO

Today is the first day of our monthly benefit featuring @aliverescue !! We are all here taking #walkins #from 12p-10p in #Chicago! All proceeds go to help #aliverescue doing what they do and what they do is… https://t.co/KcZLSgGxBF

Have you ever went to a #tattooshop and got some #tattitude by the #tattooartist because what you wanted was “cool?” Cast those fears aside because we know that a simple #floraltattoo is just as important to you,… https://t.co/L90y8zhDVL

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Reviews & Ratings


BestOfChicago2015-e1442711338848“As a piercing veteran, I’ve gotten over the adolescent impulse to rebel at the nearest body shop. I still have the urge to get pierced, but these days it’s in the most cautious, mature manner possible.

At Insight, “Santi,” aka Juan Santiago, one of Insight Studios’ resident piercers, took hold of my lobes with the calm command of an artist approaching his canvas.

The prices are higher than at a Claire’s mall outlet, but it’s worth the extra dough to avoid the unsteady hands of a novice or the impersonality of a piercing gun.”

Zara Yost

Safety and Privacy

We believe safety and privacy are critical in our environment so we take steps to go over and beyond other shops.

What We Do

  • Tattoo stations offer 100% privacy if needed.
  • Stainless Steel work surfaces to ease disinfection.
  • Every artist attends annual blood-borne pathogens and principles of infection control training.
  • We use weekly autoclave spore-testing results to make sure our equipment is sterilized using the highest standards in the tattoo/piercing industry.
  • We are the first studio recognized by The Association of Professional Piercers in Chicago.
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